Blog Article: February 1, 2021

evolve FCU’s life cycle dates back to 1936. In that timeframe, the credit union has continuously progressed by taking into consideration a combination of important factors, like our member’s needs as well as environmental, social, and industry changes. Along the way, we have meticulously analyzed what banking methods and structures have worked for our members and the credit union and what areas need improvement. Our mission is to become your financial institution of choice, so we strive to maintain an innovative mindset that is considerate of both traditional and new-age banking methods.
The progression of traditional banking has taken many turns up until this point. The evolution of technology has made it possible for people to connect virtually in individual, commercial and business settings. Not long ago, you had to go into a brick and mortar location for all your banking needs. During that time, did you ever ask yourself: “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could do all of my personal banking from home? How convenient would that be"? The beauty is that now YOU CAN bank from anywhere and IT IS very convenient!

We work diligently to make available safe, reliable, and easy online services for all of our members. By enhancing the look and feel of online statements, upgrading our mobile app features and capabilities, and improving our website’s functionality and navigation abilities, we are proving to be a driving force in our industry for online banking.

Let’s go into detail as to what these features are and what each of them includes.

• ePriority* Checking
o 24/7 online access
o Earn high dividend rates monthly
o Transfer money
o Make loan payments
o View transaction history
o Pay bills

• Mobile Wallet
o Safely stores card information
o Reduces fraud
o Touchless pay with smartphone
o Send money securely

• Mobile Deposit
o Safe and efficient
o Deposit checks with your mobile device

• Spending Patterns
         o View personalized graphs to monitor spending

• Loan Applications
         o Apply for personal or vehicle loans
         o Get pre-approved online

• Find Locations
         o GPS features
         o Find branch and ATM locations

• Security Awareness
         o Easily notify the credit union of any updates or changes
         o Uninterrupted use of debit card when traveling

• Fingerprint Log-On
         o Quick login access
         o Safe and secure

Now that you know what features are available to you, how can you start using them? Let’s begin by setting you up properly. The following are the steps to prepare you for your online banking journey! If you are not currently an evolve FCU member, join our family and open your ePriority* Checking account today!

Step 1: Begin on your desktop or download the evolve FCU mobile app through the Apple Store or Google Play, depending on your personal device.

Step 2: Setup your login credentials and personal preferences through the Settings tab (here you can setup your fingerprint authorization for quicker access and security)

Step 3: We highly recommend going through each option of your online app to familiarize yourself with all of the logistics and features

If you run into any difficulties while setting up your mobile app or navigating through our online services, please reach out to our eBanking Center at 915.593.5866 so that we can guide you through the process. Continue to visit our blog page for articles and product/service tutorials.

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Disclosure: Refer to Truth-in-Savings Share-Share Draft Disclosure for account qualifications to receive stated APY and Membership Plan & Fee Schedule of to avoid any account fees.